Journey into Consciousness at Lily Dale

Copyright Lily Dale Assembly

I am pleased to announce that I will be a workshop facilitator during the 2014 Lily Dale Season. I will be in Lily Dale July 30 – August 3, 2014 to teach my Creating the Life YOU Desire workshop, offer readings and do a book signing.  The workshop will be offered on August 1, 2014 from 2-5 pm.  A book signing for my books will be hosted by the Lily Dale Bookstore on August 1, 2014 from 10:30 am – noon.  Reading appointments will be scheduled from 2-7 pm on August 2, 2014 and done at the Maplewood Hotel.

Lily Dale Assembly is the world’s largest center for the science, philosophy and religion of Spiritualism, and is now celebrating its 134th year. The 2014 season, which began on June 27th and runs through September 1, will include a series of events and experiences to bring information, enlightenment, hope and peace to those who open their hearts to receive.  There will be daily lectures about the wonders of mediumistic phenomena and the basic truths of God and Man, which Spiritualists adopt as their standard for living.  Demonstrations of mediumship and workshops will be offered, one of which will be given by Shelly Wilson.  For more information about Lily Dale, please visit their website at

Psychic Medium and Reiki Master Shelly Wilson studied with world-renown psychic mediums Lisa Williams, James Van Praagh, John Holland, and Tony Stockwell and is the author of three books (28 Days to a New You; Connect to the You Within; and Journey into Consciousness). For more information about Shelly Wilson, her books, workshops, and readings, please visit her website at

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