Lily Dale Assembly 2019 Season Presenter

Lily Dale Assembly’s 2019 season will be held from June 21 through September 1. According to the Lily Dale Assembly website, it is the “the World’s Largest Center for the Science, Philosophy and Religion of Spiritualism, now celebrating it’s 140 year.  Each day of the season offers a series of events and experiences to bring information, enlightenment, hope and peace to those who open their hearts to receive. There are daily lectures on the wonders of mediumistic phenomena and the basic truths of God and Man, which Spiritualists adopt as their standard for living. Demonstrations of clairvoyance are given at services held every day for the visitors by mediums devoted to their service. The Healing Temple is available for meditation on the renewing and uplifting of spiritual and physical energies.  Spiritual healers are present to work with those who desire individual healing energies. Classes on a broad range of subjects related to the development of Man’s potential as a spiritual being are offered throughout the season. Thought Exchange evenings are designed to give free exchange of information as well as to answer the many questions of the seeker. “

The Empowering Act of Self-Love Workshop
Wednesday, July 3, 2019 from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Octagon Building at Lily Dale Assembly

Lily Dale, NY

Join Intuitive Medium Shelly Wilson for this heart-opening spiritual reboot workshop. Consciously making the choice to partake in self-love is an act of empowerment. Give yourself permission to discover, explore, connect with and embrace the power of your heart as you focus on your physical health and mental/emotional well-being. During this experiential workshop, Shelly will create an energetic space for you to release the blockages that may be holding you back, with the intent that you can fully open your heart to love and manifest your heart’s desire. Purchase ticket here

Book Signing on July 2, 2019 from 2-5 pm at the Lily Dale Bookstore

The Empowering Act of Self-Love Workshop on July 3, 2019 from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm at the Octagon Building

Private Sessions on July 3, 2019 from 2-8 pm at the Lily Dale Bookstore Reading Room. 25 minutes for $70

About the Author
Shelly Wilson is an author, intuitive medium and conscious creator who is passionate about helping people wake up to their greatness. She supports others as they navigate their own journey into consciousness to experience aliveness.

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