Shelly is a remarkable and gifted woman whose passion in life is to help others understand more about what faces us on our journey, about our loved ones on the other side and also the growth that we have to go through in this physical life that we live. She is a blessing to many. ~ Lisa Williams, International Psychic Medium and Teacher, author of Life Among the Dead and The Survival of the Soul

To ascend even the tiniest step, we must look at ourselves openly and honestly – both our “Light” and our “Dark.” In Journey into Consciousness, Shelly has provided us with an outstanding illustration of just that. Within these pages, she has boldly exposed herself, offering herself as a living, here-and-now example to us all on just what it takes to… journey into consciousness. Yet, Shelly takes us even further than the story of her own journey; she continues on, suggesting tools and practices that may help shine light on our own unique paths! ~ Lloyd Matthew Thompson, Author of Lightworker: A Call to Authenticity and The Galaxy Healer’s Guide

At its core, Journey into Consciousness is a moving personal story of spiritual growth that will no doubt inspire all who read it to follow Shelly’s lead and create better lives for themselves. The ‘so much more’ is that Shelly doesn’t just tell her story: Interspersed within this heart-opening, life-changing story are revelations, quotes, affirmations, and meditations that give “we seekers of a better life” important make-sense tools that we can use to formulate our own plan of action and take control of our destiny. Whether you are just now putting your first foot forward, or you are already firmly on the path of spiritual growth, this book will facilitate your personal journey into consciousness. ~ Sherri Cortland, ND, Spiritual Growth Expeditor and Author of Windows of Opportunity, Raising our Vibrations for the New Age, and Spiritual Toolbox

Shelly has given a voice to her Journey into Consciousness as well as given her readers valuable tools to assist them on their own spiritual journey into consciousness. Shelly is truly a beautiful soul teacher and embodies this truth as quoted by Edward George Bulwer-Lytton, “The best teacher is the one who suggests rather than dogmatizes.” She inspires her reader with the wish to teach her/himself. ~ Anthony Hidalgo 

Journey into Consciousness is more than a concept of spiritual life – it is both a sharing of one woman’s experience through the lens of living out her sacred contract in this lifetime and a guide to doing the same in your own life. We are each given the energies, challenges, and gifts needed to assist us in carrying out the work we are here to accomplish.

Shelly’s ability to see her life through the eye of a sacred contract no doubt shifted emotions, beliefs and sensations about who she is. The journey into consciousness is one of both healing and awakening. There is an element of each in Shelly’s story. As a spiritual teacher for our time, she goes on to share tools that are simple in nature, but mystical in their power to transform your life. Using her own life experience and the wisdom of her spirit, coupled with a regular spiritual practice, Shelly offers a new way of seeing yourself. There are powerful affirmations, meditations and suggestions for releasing points of stagnancy on your journey.

Journey into Consciousness is not only one woman’s story, but also a powerful tool to assist you in opening your heart, mind and spirit to all that is possible. Shelly is a powerhouse of positive vibrations, spiritual support and encouragement.  

Journey into Consciousness is an embodiment of the spiritual journey. As you read through it, allow yourself to feel into what is true for you. Quiet the mind and let your inner voice be your guide. Open yourself to the possibility that your life is so much more than you may have recognized up to this point. There is a sacredness to who you are and how you came to be in this place—at this exact moment, you are exactly where you are meant to be. ~ Jackie L. Robinson

Journey into Consciousness is the fascinating story of Shelly Wilson’s journey into spiritual enlightenment. Shelly takes the reader on an emotional roller-coaster ride as she vividly recalls the momentous events in her life, beginning with her early childhood years. Shelly courageously bares her soul as she describes the sorrowful incidents that defined her life during a time when she concedes that she merely “existed.” It is easy to empathize with Shelly since most of us have experienced similar events in our own lives.

Shelly is a warrior – she never gives up – and this determination allowed her to expand her consciousness and spiritual awareness, so that she could start to “live” and not just “exist.” With a lot of hard work and persistence, she re-created herself into the happy and fulfilled spouse, mother, and intuitive medium she is today. And the good news for all of us is that we can learn much from Shelly’s journey as we strive to reshape our own lives for the better.

Journey into Consciousness is not just a great read; it is also a road map for all of us to follow as it describes many of the practical tools that Shelly used to achieve her remarkable transformation. I found this book to be comforting and inspiring, and I know that everyone who reads it will be energized to cast aside their negative emotions and embrace love and compassion for everyone. ~ Garnet Schulhauser, Author of Dancing on a Stamp

Shelly, you have completely changed my life and made me believe in myself! We started off as strangers, and now I cherish you as my family. I am truly blessed to have you in my life. The love and support you have shown me is priceless. Thank you with my whole heart!! ~ Michelle Kane

Shelly Wilson and I have studied and trained together with James Van Praagh and extensively with Lisa Williams over the past several years. Shelly is not only a fellow colleague, but also a very dear friend of mine. I have personally witnessed her amazing gifts and her healing abilities. She has dedicated her life’s mission to helping people live their most authentic life possible! ~ Robinette Meyer

I live in Australia so we have not met personally, yet Shelly has been and continues to be a giving, loving and supportive friend to me.  Shelly and I met through Facebook, and we have collaborated on Believe in Believing Blog Talk Radio – a platform where Shelly took her leap of faith as a teacher of spiritual practice.  ~ Ros Clarkson

Shelly Wilson is amazing – one of the most authentic soul beings I know. I am very blessed to have worked with her on some amazing projects. Her compassion and gift to others is insurmountable. It is truly a blessing to be walking the path of awareness with her! ~ Avianna Castro

Shelly’s books are life-transforming. I am so appreciative of her friendship, her professionalism, her wisdom and her gifts, which continue to bless me and others every day. Her books and her readings are highly recommended and will cause positively wonderful shifts to occur in your life. ~ Marie D. Jones, author of Destiny vs. Choice: The Scientific and Spiritual Evidence Behind Fate and Free Will

Shelly has an amazing talent that she shares that takes you on a journey into consciousness. Her gifts and abilities help empower your soul to a new and higher level of spiritual insight. She is truly an angel among us. ~ Nikki Pattillo, author of Children of the Stars: Advice for Parents and Star Children and A Spiritual Evolution

Shelly is one of those rare people who have seen through the illusion of life in the physical, and has dedicated her life to helping mankind awaken to the greater reality through her caring, healing and intuitive counsel. ~ Guy Steven Needler, author of The History of God and Beyond the Source – Books 1 & 2

Shelly Wilson has been a huge influence on my personal and professional growth. She always leads from a place of love. Her ability to be ‘real’ with me and her clients at all times has been a blessing. She is a friend, colleague and mentor. ~ The Intuitive Messenger – Mitchell Osborn

I have taken Reiki I, II and Reiki Master classes from Shelly Wilson, and she is an excellent teacher – so calm, peaceful, loving, capable, knowledgeable and FUN!  She just glows from the inside out.  She is a very powerful healer! ~ Kathy Galvan

The absolute BEST things to ever happen in my life are Reiki and Shelly Wilson. There is nothing like living and breathing Reiki and having an awesome Reiki Master to help you along the way.  ~ Erica Brown

I had the pleasure of taking intuitive classes from Shelly Wilson. I learned techniques from Shelly that gave me an opportunity to raise my vibration, while experiencing personal growth on a deeper spiritual level. Her infinite wisdom is truly a source of inspiration! ~ Jan Green

Shelly is a wonderful Reiki Master. Her loving guidance and support will help you with your life path. She is a channel for the purest and most loving energy I have had the pleasure of being present to experience. She is truly a light worker that works from the heart with all of the loving energy you can imagine. ~ Ronna Armstrong

Shelly Wilson is one of the most positive people I have ever met. Shelly taught me from Reiki I through Karuna Reiki® Master. I am extremely pleased to say I know this wonderful lady. Her smile is contagious, and she is a genuine healer and intuitive. ~ Camille Sanford

Shelly is a great intuitive coach. She is accurate and fast in delivering all messages. Her style is clear and easy to understand. With her guidance, I have made some very big life decisions and am pleased with all the results. ~ Teresa Larson

Shelly radiates the essence of pure, true love. During class, Shelly gave me affirmation of something that I have known, but withheld for many years – I am a natural healer. I left this class feeling like a whole new person, both physically and emotionally and with a new purpose in life. ~ Michelle Bratcher

I have taken Reiki I and II from Shelly. She encourages her students to use their intuition rather than “by the book,” which I found refreshing. The energy that comes off of her is so warm and fuzzy! ~ Miranda Sutter

I met Shelly several years ago at a private gathering. I was immediately drawn to her. She has helped me numerous times throughout the most difficult couple of years. She is full of love and light!! ~ Julie Johanson

Shelly has the most generous and compassionate heart – always listening and giving positive loving advice, while reminding us that everything is divinely timed.  Shelly always takes the time to consciously and lovingly answer questions.  Shelly has been such a positive, encouraging light in my life as well as a friend. I have learned and grown so much since I’ve met her and for that I’m so grateful. ~ Lisa Bachrach-Zeankowski

Shelly has the most beautiful soul. The first time I met her I knew she was special. Shelly is my Reiki Master. I am honored to have become a Reiki Master under her guidance. She is real and genuine – a true loving spirit. I am blessed to call her teacher and friend. ~ Melanie Gooding