Even This I Got to Experience

sedona 2As I mentioned in a previous blog, “Take a Vacation with a Purpose,” I was delighted to have the opportunity to interview Glenn Scarpelli and Jerry Gilden for an issue of OMTimes magazine. Engaging in conversation prior to going live on-air for the radio show, I immediately connected with these two wonderful men and knew that I needed to attend their event, Sedona World Wisdom Days.

This was my first visit to Sedona although I’ve visited Tucson and several other cities in Arizona as well as the Grand Canyon. The red rocks are a site to behold and the energy vortexes are palpable. As part of the VIP ticket, I had tickets to the movie screenings of The Redwood Highway and The Power of the Heart. Both of these movies are transforming and heart-opening.

The event opened Friday night, January 16 with musical guest Rickie Byars Beckwith and conscious comedy with Geri Jewell. Then, Glenn and Mackenzie Phillips shared a conversation with television icon Norman Lear, who recently wrote his memoir, Even This I get to Experience. An engaging and delightful man, Norman shared stories from his life and television shows, including All in the Family, One Day at a Time and Maude.

norman galleryAt one point during the evening, he stated as he pointed to the audience, “You are here for me.” The room filled with cheers and clapping hands. He paused and stated, “And I am here for you.” He conveyed, “I’ve spent the last 92 years to be here to experience this moment with you. And you’ve spent however many years to experience this moment with me.”

The weekend continued with numerous speakers sharing their own personal journey into consciousness, empowerment and living in the heart space. Conscious comedian Kyle Cease had me laughing throughout his presentation of “Life is a Playground.” Some of my favorite presentations included Arielle Ford’s “Manifest Your Heart’s Desire,” Claire Zammit’s “How to Awaken Your Feminine Power,” Dr. Sue Morter’s “What’s Next is NOW and Charlie Lustman’s “Made me Nuclear – A Story of Hope.” In addition, I thoroughly enjoyed James Twyman’s “Are YOU a Soul Manifester?” and Barbara Marx Hubbard’s “The Emergence of the Feminine & Masculine Co-Creators – Signs of the Emerging Species.”

norman learSaturday night, Goldenstein Gallery hosted a “Sweet and Greet” VIP book party with Norman Lear. Norman shared excerpts from his book. One of my favorite moments was when someone sneezed and many people said, “Bless you.” The individual sneezed again and the bless you’s were forthcoming. Norman stated very matter of factly “Okay, enough of that” in an Archie Bunker character tone to which everyone erupted in laughter.

The weekend culminated in a songversation with India.Arie. She shared her journey through words and song. The weekend was transformative, healing, empowering and energized with love. Even Sedona I got to experience!


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