Say what you mean to say…

Copyright Caitlin Wilson 2013Once again, during a recent conversation with one of my closest friends and colleagues, the “tough” questions came up. Inevitably during our chats, we begin to reflect and ponder, taking the conversation to a much deeper level than originally intended. We never plan for these conversations to go this way, but they always do. With that being said, the question came up very innocently at first, “What do you want?,” which was met with the typical “I don’t know,” and thus it began.

We are both very familiar with the Law of Attraction and how our thoughts, words, and actions are energy. In order for our desires to manifest, we have to be clear. We know this, we teach this, but when it comes to vocalizing our own desires, sometimes, it is really hard to be very clear and say what this looks like. My response to the question, “I want peace.” I don’t know what this looks like, but I know what it feels like. I want to feel calm, centered, and relaxed without feeling frustrated or anxious when things aren’t happening how and when I want them to. When posed with the question, “What does peace look like?,” I couldn’t respond. I could only “see” what I looked like experiencing this feeling.

I also feel like it is extremely important to say what you mean to say. Don’t hold back. Honor yourself and express your emotions. Open your heart to love and to be loved. Tell those individuals in your life what they mean to you. Speak your truth. Sometimes, we are met with disapproval or the proverbial “wall” and that’s okay!

Seeing things from the Higher perspective, each one of us are expressions of Source consciousness/God. We are having this human life experience as us to learn, grow, evolve, change and say what we mean to say. We truly are creating our reality with the energy we are putting out there. From my perspective, the only thing we actually have control of is our thoughts, words, actions, emotions and reactions.

With that being said, don’t compare your journey with another individual’s journey. Don’t think that you know what their journey is intended to look like. Simply enjoy being YOU and have the experiences YOU are intended to have!

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