Journey with Gratitude

Journey with Gratitude

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at the Northwest Arkansas Center for Spiritual Living in Fayetteville, Arkansas on Sunday, September 21, 2014. To listen and/or download the talk, please click on this link.

September’s theme at the Center for Spiritual Living is Sowing Seeds of Abundance and discussing the principles and process of true prosperity with the focus on the community reading the book, Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth.

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary,
Definition of prosperity – the condition of being successful or thriving
Definition of abundance – a large amount of something
Definition of gratitude – a feeling of appreciation or thanks

Abundance is not just money, but it is also health, well-being, happiness and financial prosperity. In order to create prosperity and abundance in all of its forms, feeling and expressing gratitude is necessary.

Affirmation for the Week ~ I bring to each experience, a heart of appreciation and gratitude.

Gratitude quotes:

Gratitude is the best attitude. ~ Author Unknown
The struggle ends when the gratitude begins. ~ Neale Donald Walsch
A grateful mind is a great mind, which eventually attracts great things. ~ Plato
If you want to turn your life around, try thankfulness. It will change your life mightily. ~ Gerald Good
Gratitude is an opener of locked-up blessings. ~ Marianne Williamson
Appreciation is the purest vibration that exists on the planet today. ~ Abraham–Hicks
All that we behold is full of blessings. ~ William Wordsworth

Consciously choose to experience a grateful heart:
Eric Butterworth states, “If you carefully search within yourself, you may come to the awareness that your most important asset is the conscious control of your own life. Nothing else can satisfy or fulfill unless you enjoy the freedom that comes from the control of your inner world of mind and emotions.”

It is important to note that we only technically have control of our own thoughts, words, actions, emotions and reactions. We cannot control another individual, an experience or even the economy, but we can control how we choose to perceive it and how we wish to respond to what is perceived. With that being said, we can allow what is happening around us to affect our internal state of being or we can take control and allow the peace we have within us to affect our external circumstances.

By choosing to see all experiences, especially the challenges, from a Higher soul perspective, we will see them differently. Consciously choose to express your gratitude and acknowledge the blessings you observe within the challenges. Doing so will shift the energy of the experience. By focusing your energy on this present moment, in the here and now, rather than dwelling in the past or planning the future, you are in the flow of creation.

Eric Butterworth notes in Spiritual Economics, “When the appearance of lack shows up in your life, go to that high view point, be grateful, and then bless it. Once you have blessed it you can easily let it go and gain back the control of your own creative process, and thus the flow is opened.”

In addition, Charles Fillmore tells us that, “Blessing the substance increases the flow. If your money supply is low or your purse seems empty, take it in your hands and bless it.”

If you wish to increase the abundance in your life, focus on abundance and affirm “I bring to each experience, a heart of appreciation and gratitude.” 

Simply speaking, gratitude is an expression of thankfulness. The simple words, “Thank you,” extend far beyond their utterance. They are an acknowledgement of appreciation. Thanking another individual for having completed a task, the extension of a hand in friendship, and even the recognition of a compliment reflect the gratitude you are feeling. The energy of gratitude is a high vibration and one of love. The Universe will reflect this grateful energy back to you in the form of blessings and abundance.

Consciously choose to emit this grateful energy out into the Universe and allow yourself to be in the flow of creation in this present moment in order for the manifestation to occur.

Questions to Consider:
What are you thankful for?
When do you express your gratitude?
How do you express your gratitude?

Affirm ~ My heart overflows with gratitude and joy. I am conscious of being present in this moment. I recognize that I am a creator, and I am creating my reality. I am allowing myself to simply breathe. I am surrendering to the Universe any feelings of lack inhibiting the flow of my abundance. I am releasing it now fully and completely. I choose to create my life and all of its experiences consciously.

About Shelly ~
Intuitive Medium, Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher Shelly Wilson would love to assist you on your spiritual journey. With respect, truth, integrity and love, Shelly honors your free will and recognizes that you are co-creating your reality with the Universe. She offers private readings, intuitive coaching, Reiki sessions, and teaches workshops. Shelly’s books, 28 Days to a New YOU, Connect to the YOU Within and Journey into Consciousness, are available in paperback and eBook.



Say what you mean to say…

Copyright Caitlin Wilson 2013Once again, during a recent conversation with one of my closest friends and colleagues, the “tough” questions came up. Inevitably during our chats, we begin to reflect and ponder, taking the conversation to a much deeper level than originally intended. We never plan for these conversations to go this way, but they always do. With that being said, the question came up very innocently at first, “What do you want?,” which was met with the typical “I don’t know,” and thus it began.

We are both very familiar with the Law of Attraction and how our thoughts, words, and actions are energy. In order for our desires to manifest, we have to be clear. We know this, we teach this, but when it comes to vocalizing our own desires, sometimes, it is really hard to be very clear and say what this looks like. My response to the question, “I want peace.” I don’t know what this looks like, but I know what it feels like. I want to feel calm, centered, and relaxed without feeling frustrated or anxious when things aren’t happening how and when I want them to. When posed with the question, “What does peace look like?,” I couldn’t respond. I could only “see” what I looked like experiencing this feeling.

I also feel like it is extremely important to say what you mean to say. Don’t hold back. Honor yourself and express your emotions. Open your heart to love and to be loved. Tell those individuals in your life what they mean to you. Speak your truth. Sometimes, we are met with disapproval or the proverbial “wall” and that’s okay!

Seeing things from the Higher perspective, each one of us are expressions of Source consciousness/God. We are having this human life experience as us to learn, grow, evolve, change and say what we mean to say. We truly are creating our reality with the energy we are putting out there. From my perspective, the only thing we actually have control of is our thoughts, words, actions, emotions and reactions.

With that being said, don’t compare your journey with another individual’s journey. Don’t think that you know what their journey is intended to look like. Simply enjoy being YOU and have the experiences YOU are intended to have!