Simple Words Say So Much

Sometimes, it’s the simplest of words that offers the most healing. As a recent mediumship session was concluding, I heard in my head to tell my client to rest easy, so I conveyed the words to him by saying, “I’m hearing to tell you to rest easy.” Although simple, these words were powerful and were exactly what he needed to hear to assist with healing and recognizing that life continues after life. His parents, who are in Spirit, were letting him know that they hear him speak these words to them daily. Understandably moved to emotions, I encouraged him to keep communicating and then listening to their responses through thoughts, feelings, impressions and words.

Another instance involves a text I received from someone whose number was not in my contact list. The message was very kind and compassionate. I was going through some stuff and felt like they were in the know. Receiving another text the next day inquiring if I was in pain and then expressing love for me, I quickly realized this message was meant for someone else. I kindly asked who I was corresponding with as their number wasn’t in my phone. The name wasn’t familiar, so I asked who they thought they were texting and then let them know who I was. The message was meant for the sender’s friend who was in the hospital with cancer. The sender expressed her gratitude for letting her know, so the message could get to the intended recipient, her friend. Regardless, I know the Universe once again provided the perfect message at the perfect time via the perfect messenger.

Kindness truly does matter, love is all there really is and each one of us is creating the ripple. Simple words can say so much! Keep sharing the love!

About the Author

Shelly Wilson is an author, intuitive medium and conscious creator who is passionate about helping people wake up to their greatness. She supports others as they navigate their own journey into consciousness to experience aliveness.

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*I should mention that my new book, Embracing the Magic Within, and accompanying Clarity Cards are forthcoming! Release date to be announced soon!

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