Journey with Unity Principles

Journey with Unity Principles

Unity Principles first came into my awareness when I attended a class at Unity Church of Overland Park in Overland Park, Kansas in 2009. I gravitated towards Unity’s teachings and was eager to learn more. The discoveries freed me from fear-based religious oppression and have given me courage to forge ahead on my path of learning and discovery. My life has changed considerably since choosing to practice and embody these universal principles.

In addition to practicing these teachings, I have been guided to share them with others. On several occasions, I have been invited to be the Sunday service inspirational guest speaker at Unity Center of Tulsa in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Unity of Fayetteville in Fayetteville, Arkansas; Unity Church of the Ozarks in Bentonville, Arkansas and Unity of the Hills Spiritual Center in Branson, Missouri. I am so grateful to Charles and Myrtle Fillmore for being spiritual pioneers and reminding us of our own ability to heal and create. Fortunately, I have also made the trek to visit Unity Village several times, and I always feel blessed to be there.

I invite you to read my story, Unity Principles Freed Me from Fear, in the May/June 2022 issue of Unity Magazine.

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Unity Teachings

Whether you have a strong spiritual foundation, are just at the beginning of your spiritual journey, or do not believe in God at all, Unity offers spiritual insights and guidance for all people. While having its origins rooted in Christianity, the Unity teachings bring together ancient wisdom from many faith traditions. You will not find dogma in Unity, and we honor all spiritual paths.

Because we know that each person comes to Unity at a different place on their journey, we invite you to use the language that resonates with you. Whether you like to say God, the Universe, Spirit, divine truth, Love, or some other phrase, we believe that this divine energy is all the same: a benevolent expression of goodness, order, abundance, and love in the world. (

Unity Principles

These ancient, universal principles taught by Unity offer foundational guidance for living abundantly and staying in tune with your own divine nature.

  1. God is everywhere and always present in every circumstance. This divine energy underlies and animates all of existence.
  2. Human beings are innately good because they are connected to and an expression of Spirit.
  3. Our thoughts have creative power to influence events and determine our experiences.
  4. Prayer and meditation connect and align us to our own spiritual nature and to God.
  5. It is not enough to understand spiritual teachings. We must apply our learning in all areas of life, incorporating them into our thoughts, words, and actions. (
Faith is Everything

Faith is Everything

Faith is believing that the outcome will be what it should be, no matter what it is.
~ Colette Baron-Reid

First of all, please know that my intention for sharing this experience is purely to express what I learned, and it is not to be malicious or cause harm to anyone. For the interest of privacy, I have not named names or places as it does not add to or take away from the story itself.

The event I will be referring to was initially scheduled in early February and was to be held in early April. I had been corresponding with one of the co-owners of the space, but not the other. I asked several times as I had a feeling the other co-owner would not be receptive to a Messages from Spirit gallery reading event due to her faith. I was assured that it was not a problem.

Advertising for this event began as soon as it was confirmed and included postcards and flyers distributed to various locations via numerous friends, Facebook, Twitter, website, blog, constant contact mailing and via my radio show. 10 advance tickets were sold, yet tickets were also to be sold at the door (the actual amount of tickets possibly sold are an unknown variable).

A colleague flew in from New York to join me for the event and also work the Spirit Fair that weekend. We had visited the space twice earlier in the day. I received a call from the event manager at 3:40 pm just as I was preparing to leave the hotel. He indicated the space was double booked, which did not make sense to me, so I asked him to please tell me the truth in regards to this situation to which he stated religious beliefs/faith. He offered an additional venue, but it would have required rerouting the attendees. After discussing the viability of this option, we decided it would be best energetically to not do that.

Personally speaking, I was in complete shock when I received the call even though I had the knowingness from the beginning that the other co-owner would not be receptive. This is the first time this type of experience has happened to me, and I do feel discriminated against to a degree. I do honor and respect other individual’s personal and religious beliefs, and I do make a conscious effort to not make anyone purposefully uncomfortable.

With that being said, the Universe provided me with many lessons that night:

  1. Everything always happens for a reason.
  2. You cannot control what is beyond your control.
  3. Faith is huge – both religiously speaking and spiritually speaking.
  4. Don’t take things personally.
  5. ALWAYS see the blessings within the challenges.
  6. Definitely honor and feel your emotions (Yes, that night was quite an emotional rollercoaster!)

The blessings within the challenge allowed my colleague and I to have a nice dinner and conscious conversation, of which we probably would not have had time for. The Universe via the restaurant blessed us with a free dinner since they had issues with our meal. We were rested and worked the Spirit fair that weekend. Lastly, I was able to learn how to handle an experience such as this. If my colleague had not been a part of it and taken charge of the situation, I would have taken ownership of what was beyond my control and done what I could to make it right that evening.

As I’ve stated before, there are two ways to view everything – through the eyes of love and through the eyes of fear. Love is a heart-spaced higher vibrational energy; whereas fear comprises every emotion that is not love, including worry, fear, doubt, regret, guilt, shame, frustration and so on. Choosing to stay in the heart-space and see every individual and experience through the Higher vibration of love is essential for our journey into consciousness. Having the courage to express your beliefs to others and not being afraid of what they might think involves faith and fortitude. In addition, having the courage to honor another individual’s faith and beliefs is equally essential.

What’s faith have to do with it? Everything!

About Shelly
Intuitive Medium, Reiki Master and Spiritual Growth Coach Shelly Wilson would love to assist you on your spiritual journey. With respect, truth, integrity and love, Shelly honors your free will and recognizes that you are co-creating your reality with the Universe. She offers private readings, intuitive coaching, Reiki sessions, and teaches workshops. Shelly’s books, 28 Days to a New YOU, Connect to the YOU Within and Journey into Consciousness, are available in paperback and eBook.